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Pre-Employment Testing

If you are having a hard time finding the right candidates to interview, have a high number of under performers, or experiencing high turnover, you're not alone. Selecting and retaining top performing employees is a challenging task. Hiring the right employees that deliver top quality performance and optimum productivity can be immensely beneficial to ensure the success of your business.

Pre-employment assessment testing is an integral part of an effective recruiting process. At Ulmer & Associates, LLC, we offer  “Total Person” assessments that add value to the personal interview and reference check process. A variety of reports made available via this testing process will make your recruiting process more efficient and deliver great results.

Call us today at 319-390-4646 or use our contact form. Together we can screen, assess and test job candidates to help you hire and retain the best.

What are the benefits?

Pre-employment assessments can help you screen and hire the best applicants for your specific job postings.  By assessing your candidate's work-related attitudes and capabilities before you hire, you can more efficiently select the applicants who will make positive contributions and reduce costly employee dissatisfaction and turnover.
Applying pre-employment testing to your hiring process can ensure that you get the crucial information you need to make timely and effective job hiring decisions.
    •    save time and costly recruiting hours
    •    implement a disciplined and effective hiring approach
    •    design uniformity and objectivity into all hiring decisions
    •    optimize your training methods to suit varied learning styles
    •    ensure legal adherence to job placement decisions
    •    ... and best of all, enjoy a satisfied and productive staff!
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How does it work?

With a highly competitive market for top performing candidates the results of your pre-employment assessments are available immediately  to facilitate your employment decision process following completion of the assessment by the candidate.

Access to the assessment process is accomplished through your own dedicated website. Both the website and the assessment results are secured with login IDs and passwords. Communication between you and the candidate is handled by the system through e-mail.

The pre-employment results serve not only as a screening tool prior to an interview, but also serve as the basis for in-depth discussion and evaluation during the interview.

Success Stories

“The Profile XT tells us of an individual’s thinking style, behavior traits, and interests. Vector can then determine which of the candidates will be the best “fit” for our job. Profile XT also helps us adapt our training curriculum and medium by telling us about the candidate’s learning style,...” more.... 
~ Ms. Pat Heyer, Human Resources Manager, Vector Corporation

“Since we started using Ulmer & Associates, LLC, we have substantially reduced turnover and have employees that like their jobs. At The Financial Group Inc., it takes almost two years of training to get an employee to be a real contributor to our company. If that person leaves within the first couple years, it is expensive.” more....
~ Gary Young, President, The Financial Group, Inc.



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